Calidad, servicio, disponibilidad y una ámplia variedad en nuestros productos

Worldwide Fishing Company

Full consumer confidence in our products throughout the
entire production chain: from the ocean to your table

Our company has stable access to market-price, raw
material from fishing grounds in Argentina, NAFO, the
Irminguer sea, the Falkland Islands, Peru, Chile, Vietnam,
China, Ecuador, among other areas

We are the very source of our products

We track products through the whole production chain,
from fishing grounds to company facilities

8 fishing areas
Wide variety of products
15 fishing ports
Constant product availability
Fishing grounds
of marketed products

From the ocean to company facilities our
company is present in all production stages to
ensure product quality and homogeneity
We guarantee optimal product quality and service efficiency

Our goal is to guarantee the best products in optimal conditions

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